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The Need

The Community’s Need for Diapers

  • No public assistance covers the cost of diapers including Food Stamps

    Diapers average cost of $100 per month (babies need 8-12 diapers/day

  • Disposable diapers are required by daycares

  • Cloth diapers require access to sufficient laundry facilities

  • Incontinence is considered a growing concern among adults age 60 and older

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Access to a sufficient supply of diapers is essential for the health of Greater Hampton Roads  infants, disabled and elderly, and the quality of life of our community, but too many individuals don’t have the resources to adequately provide for this basic need.

As long as poverty exists, children and adults in our community will need diapers. The need is already great… and it’s growing:

Resources for free or discounted diapers are few. Food Stamps cannot be used to purchase diapers. The Diaper Bank’s goal is to bridge this gap in available resources for our community’s neediest and most vulnerable populations.

Infant and Children Needs

Shortage of diapers can lead to serious impacts on the wellbeing of those in need. Parents without sufficient resources often allow children to wear diapers for too long during the day, or try to clean and reuse disposable diapers, putting children at risk for staph and other infections. The likelihood of abuse increases when a baby is in a household facing the stresses of poverty, and increases even more when that baby is crying due to the discomfort of a soiled diaper and the health issues that can result.

Diapers for one child cost nearly $100 per month, leaving working families struggling to provide the most basic necessities.

At the same time, daycare facilities require that parents provide sufficient disposable diapers to meet the needs of their children while in the facility. In order to do so, parents may have to make difficult choices between purchasing diapers, paying bills, or buying groceries.

 Disabled Needs

Many disabled people are obliged to wear diapers for a variety of reasons, incontinence and inability to use a bathroom unaided among the most common. This is a life-long, everyday reality for many disabled persons, and both the prevalence and the frequency of bladder problems associated with many disabilities increase with age.