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Diaper Bank Coordinator
       Cher Leadbeater



          My name Is Cher Leadbeater and I am the Coordinator for the Greater Hampton Roads Diaper Bank and I would like to share the story of how our  diaper bank got its start.

Last summer my daughter and her family came to Virginia Beach for a visit. My grand-daughter was about 9 months old at the time and a real little princess who could not stand to have a wet diaper on. While they were here, I was holding Renee and I heard a news cast from the DC Diaper Network talking about diaper need and mothers having to reuse diapers.  With Renee in my arms I nearly cried right there on the spot. It was like a knife in my heart to become aware of this problem.

I don't know about you, but when I thought of the homeless and low income families and their needs, I thought of food, shelter, help with utilities, the stuff we hear about all the time. I never thought about diapers. It was a basic need that I just did not think about until that moment and that moment changed my life.  From that moment on I have not stopped talking about this need to anyone who will listen and I hope you will do the same now that you are aware

I immediately emailed the DC Diaper Network who put me in touch with the National Diaper Bank. They in turned put me in touch with Bishop Frank Allen of Hope Charitable Services who was wanting to start a diaper bank to meet this need.  Together we are working hard to address this problem in the Greater Hampton Roads area. 

Frank and I both believe that with the help of the community this is one problem we should be able to fix or at least make a giant dent in.  But we do need your help.  We need corporate sponsors and individuals who can donate monetarily to help offset the cost of the warehouse rental, utilities, truck repairs and gas, fork lift repairs, warehouse manager etc...... and we need companies and churches to hold diaper drives for us to build the diaper bank up.

We are working with the National Diaper Bank and other local Diaper Banks to give us knowledge to help us build our Diaper Bank to serve as many children and adults that we can.  Can we count on you also?

Looking forward to working with you soon,



·         The National Diaper Bank Network  - posted the following on our Facebook page in response to Cher posting her poem titled "Touched by an Angel".

Please visit, 'friend' & 'like' Greater Hampton Roads Diaper Bank today & read a diaper banking poem that Cher, our diaper bank leader there, wrote. She told us that others should feel free to share her poem. Thank you for sharing Cher & for encouraging & inspiring others to help families in need to keep their babies clean dry & healthy. Cher's daughter, Deanna is hoping to start a diaper bank in Louisville, KY.

If you have questions or you have diapers

that you would like to donate

Email Cher at: cher@ghrdiaperbank.org